Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fun jelly sensorial activity

I have been wanting the kids to play with jelly for quite awhile. Jelly has many unique characters that is stimulating to the senses. Its slimy, soft, slippery and squishy. These needs little preparation cause we need to prepare the jelly first.

Preparing the containers
Food dyes.

There you go!! Multicolored jelly, the ones at the side are those with sugar for eating, those in the big containers are mainly water mix with gelatin.

And the next day the fun begins!!

The boys are just having soo much squeeky time with the jellys.

And of course those jellys dont stay pretty too long before its gets squashed. 

Later we put in water, and now this became jelly water pool. 

And diha joined in, she wont play with those cold jelly, i had to pour in some hot water before I manage to get her in the pool.

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