Thursday, March 6, 2014

Math with rice grains

I feel that it is very important that in teaching math to the kids we have to focus on the practicality of those math concept that they are learning. Apart from taking real life things ( like taking 3 comb to indicate 3, and 2 pies) we also have to show in other ways what those numbers actually means.

This time with rice grain I wanted to show them how the mound of rice of a bigger number is bigger than the mound of rice in a smaller numbers.

On a whiteboard I write the numbers and later ask the boys to scoop with the frequency of the numbers on the board. Like 2,3 or 4 scoop.

Now they can see the significance of how the number 5 mound are bigger.

We run out of rice grain at no 7. But well I have gotten the lesson across.

Soon enough they grab their toys and started digging in those grains again.

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