Monday, March 31, 2014

Fruit basket

Recently while shopping in my favorite art suplies shop( yes I love window shopping in art supply store, since small) I bought this air dried clay not the usual kids modelling clay that never harden. Well Harith never let new things sit for long and nagging me to make stuff with it. 

So we make a little cute fruit basket.

And the modelling work begin ( gentel gentel)

Diha is helping too

Done!!! And now we wait for them to air dried( on top of the basketball court hahhahaha), after about 2 minutes and it wont start to dry up and harden ( yes my boys are quite inpatient, sighhh) i start googling the faster way to dry  this type of clay and found out that we can bake it!!! So we did.

Done !! Hard as a stone.

Then the painting work begins.

While waiting for the color to dry we make a basket using glue and rope

We put glue on a small baloon, depends on how big the basket you plan to make.

Then wound up the rope around and wait for the glue to dry overnight.

Once the glue is dried up we can pop the baloon and slowly slide the well shape basket out.

And then we arrange the fruit inside it, overflow la pulak

Proud and happy boy!!

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