Thursday, March 6, 2014

Activities with beras ( rice grain)

I have lined up several activities with rice grain and doing them with the kids, only to learn that the rice grains bring so much wonders to the kids. I find them totally absorb with those colored rice grains. 

First I color the rice with food coloring, just add few drops of food coloring of your choice to the rice grain and mix, no need water.


First we make beautiful nature arts with the rice on the table. Using the playdough mold.

We arrange it so the fishes, dolphin, etc are in the sea, the human cows, giraffe etc are on land and stars and the sun is at the skies.

I like this activities because the grains of rice is small therefor it requires lots of fine motor skills and lots of concentration to handle.


Then Diha woke up and I let her play with the rice, obviously she love them, and shower the whole room with rice grains rain ( i am exagerating of course)

She just made some mess, to control the spill over, i put comforter below the playing area and then only let diha dig in the grains. So that later its easier to pick those spill over grains.

Those grains feels good running through the finger thats why the kids love it.

Later on when Harith got back from school the boys plays the grains now with their construction toys.

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