Monday, January 14, 2019

Amazing race

Our family joined an amazing medical race held by Beacon hospital together with my husband other siblings and their family and it was so much fun.

It was held in Perdana Botanical Garden. 

We have to wake up very early that day because the flag off is at 7am. We were given 5 clues each clues lead to the other clue , that brings us to another station. 

My kids were very excited to try to win the race and they ran so fast ahead to reach the next station. Leaving me and hubby behind. 

Earlier before the race start Harith already told me ummi will you make us slow. I said of course I wont. But then when we have to ran from one point to the other which is quite far , I actually am slower than them. Lol.

The perdana botanical garden early in the morning. I was suprise at how many city dwellers came here early in the morning to exercise. 
Us taking a compulsory post at the bunga raya monument in order to get the next clue.
The road ahead. Since the place is quite big all check points are far from each other. Towards the end of the race I am quite suprise at how much distance we have covered. Happy me, to be able to exercise a bit.
Our strong team. Harith is quite dedicated to win. 
Another compulsory group post that we have to post on instagram to get the next clue.
Once we are done we have to solve the puzzle to complete our race.

Us at the amazing lung race

The whole gang. Our big family who join this race is divided into 3 groups.

Overall I am so glad that we did this activity. Its such an amazing experience. I have not done treasure hunt for a while and never with my hubby and family. I am suprise at how hard my kids work to try to win the race. Would love to join activities like this again in the future. 

The race ends at about 11am and I am so amazed at how much we have done and achieved just in the morning alone. Such a fun filled day. 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Perhentian Island

In my years as Malaysian, I have never ever been to Perhentian, its been in bucket list for a while. I was delightfuly surprise at how beautiful the island was and how much nature it has to offer. i am definitely gonna repeat this trip. We went there during a long break in September.

 It was surprisingly easy to go, we took a boat from Jeti Kuala Besut which is only an hour ride from my hubby hometown in Kota Bharu. from Kl it about a 5hour drive.

at the jetty waiting for the boat, here the arrangement is quite poor.

ze gurls

The boat ride is about 45 minute, it was awesome, the feeling in the speedboat racing on the water with wind cooling your face and views of the sea and clear blue sky, something to experience, cant be described or captured on video or pictures. 

Family photo on this beautiful island. Look at the beautiful aquamarine sea behind us, the view in real life is of course much more splendid. Our hotel, Senja Bay Resort seen in this picture as a wooden chalet with an orange roof.

once we checked in and had our lunch, prayers and rest, we went out to the beach which is just in front of our hotel room. The sea water is so blue, just as the picture. It's really beautiful. The sea water is clear, not too salty and easier to get used too. The kids really enjoyed snorkeling by the beach. 

More pictures of us above snorkeling by the beach. The next day is a fun island hopping trip day. We took the boat on few island tour for snorkeling and swim.
again i really enjoyed the boat ride.

view from the boat ride.

me under the clear blue sea water.

The water around  Perhentian is so clear and blue, We spotted lots of fish, sadly many dead corals, the one that is still alive is colorful and beautiful. I really love the snorkeling trip. The island hopping activity ends at around 4pm, then after bath and rest, my nephew, niece and I take a long hike up the hill to see the rundown windmills area, the view of the sea from up there is breathtaking.

some of the pictures at the top of the hill. However the place is rundown and quite dangerous for kids. luckily I left them in the rooms resting with hubby. I as usual do not mind hard arduous effort in search of new place and experience.

On the way back we manage to capture the beautiful view of the sun setting over the horizon. 

the last night the served us barbeque, this comes with the hotel package. not so nice, so average.

The next day is home time, but we manage to catch another round of snorkeling at the beach before checking out. I was thinking of how I would not feel tired of this scene of the clear blue sky, aquamarine seawater, soft white sand, thousands of fish and corals in the water.

The boat ride home is again great. while in the boat I was thinking of how nice life of the boat driver and people working around the island, to have nature rather than four walls as your office. 

Last but not least our beautiful resort by the beach. The awesome Senja Bay Resort. will definitely comes here again.

My Cameron 'Girls' Trip

                         Girls trip, aaahhhhh well let's start with this issue, as a working mom with husband and kids, is it really ok for us to go on a girls trip? most often if we do it, we might feel guilty which then prevent us from truly enjoying the trip. Yet girls trip has lots of benefits. As mothers who're responsibility never ends even when you are on vacation with your family this is one of the rare occasion where we can really relax and have' me' time.
                        I love having it, I need more of it, this does not mean I am a bad mom, selfish, irresponsible, because I find that by having this trips sometimes it makes me a better mom, appreciate my family more and a happier and grateful wife because hubby lets me on this relaxing trip while he takes on the family responsibility alone for a while. (hilang semua marah merajuk kan)
                        Well so, during last September, I went on a very short weekend trip with my' geng' (ex-UKM best mate to Cameron HighlandIt'sts short and sweet yet leave such a great memories to remmeber. I feel its important to create beautiful memories in life and I find this in travel and family/close friends gathering.

Went to Cameron by bus. 

kagum dengan TBS, dah macam airport dah.

Me and my travel buddy chok, meeting more friends who've been here 1 day earlier to hike up mossy forest. (me tak pegi sebab tok laki ta bui) 

In front of our hotel, The Smoke House. Cantik gile, europian style boutique hotel. 

Soon after we arrive and had lunch, we took a private ride up to the mossy forest tourist center. The forest is truly mystical and beautiful.
After taking tons of pictures, we fie , selfie we took the same private ride back.

Next stop, tea plantation. Another mesmerizing green scenery. and great food too.

I ordered fruit scones and black tea, it's freshly baked and it is sooooo good, my tea, of course, it tastes better up here right

The scones are served with fresh creme and strawberry jam.

Me and my friends, really what better ways to enjoy your afternoon tea than good food, good company and great scenery.

we went down to walk around the plantation for a while

karaoke next, of course never enough time singing. Then back to our beautiful hotels, bath and maggi time (awesome!!)

From inside our room, really classic, tho my friend have a supernatural experience here, hehehehe. I slept like a baby. I find that if I travel to a place that is really remote and calm, I slept better.

We booked a suite with 2 rooms. The 2nd room.

The corridor sitting area, for us to enjoy the cool outdoors. That on the table is my early morning coffee and cakes before breakfast.

more hotels corridors view.

The rooms comes with a complete served English breakfast. 

Some of the views inside the hotel lobby, I really love it, so classic and rustic.

So on the 2nd day also coming home day, after the morning market for souveniers, we went to the lavender farm. Having been to a truly natural lavender farm in Canada, this one is just OK but still i enjoyed the visit very much.

with my lavender icecream

I love hydrangeas. 

This is our last stop before driving back to my friends place in Ipoh. The plantation ATV centre, however when we got there we fekt scared to ride our own atv so we took a jeep ride instead.
Then, we drove to Ipoh, had laksa tea at our friend's place and they drop us at the train station to ride a train home to KL

It was such a wonderful short excursion. Refreshing and sweet and I am glad I did it.