Friday, July 14, 2023

The journey begins again. Goodbye my beloved Malaysia.

We have been in Malaysia for so long since the last posting that I felt the deep roots of attachment already in my beloved country and my comfortable life that makes it hard to leave. And yet such is the story of my life. Its that my family and I, we were given the opportunities to experince different cultures in different places at different stages of  our lives and for that I am thankful. There are many whose life are rooted,  perfected due to its stability and these blessings are different from mine and yet its indeed were blessings nevertheless. 

 And so, on the blessed day of Eidul Adha 2023,  we began our journey from Malaysia to a new place that we will call home for awhile Miami USA. ---jauhnyee huhuhu----

Our big happy family who came to KLIA to bade us good bye. We will miss all of you. 

Us with my our already very wise wise (very old) moms. Sobs 😭 😭 . May Allah keep both of you in his protection and love always. 

Post wajib. Me with ma ohsem sistas. I will miss our karen times together. 

And more random photos of families at the airport on that day. Families are the number one reason that makes me leave Malaysia with such a heavy heart that day. But knowing I can reach them at any time even virtually gave me some peace. 

Looking back to similar photos in 2010 when we went to Ho Chi Minh and another one in 2015 when we went to Toronto and now. Its obvious how our family have grown in numbers and size and age as well. 

This is our photo back in 2010 leaving to Vietnam. Ibu follow us that time, 1 year old zuhayr in stroller and 3 years old little Harith trotting along.
Madiha belum ade . Hehehe

This is our photo in 2015 leaving to Canada with 6 and 8 years old little boys and 2 years old Madiha. Nabiha belum ade. Hehehe. 

And this is us now, leaving to the United States , with 16 and 14 years old teenage boys, 10 years old Madiha and 4 years old Nabiha. 

How much things have changes. Yang tak tukar lantai KLIA tu je...aha

It is indeed sad to leave all our family, our friends , our little house, my job and career, the life we have build in our safe environment home country Malaysia and yet would we miss it we were not to leave it? I wonder. 

There is sweetness to an ending and the looking forward to a new beginning if only we can always focus our mind in the right perspective. These are the words I told myself (pujuk diri sendiri gitew). Well Miami here we come!!!!!

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