Thursday, July 13, 2023

Throwback travel series. KRABI Jan 2019.

We started off 2019 with a vacation to Krabi, yeay!!!!!!!, one of my bucket list amongst many more.

We went to Krabi in January, during kids end semester break. 

 Us at the airport.

welcoming drinks by the hotel

 Awesome Thai style lunch at the restaurant just in front of our airport
 Awesome room for the kids to enjoy their stay here. The kids is big enough that they wanted to stay in the hotel room at night while we explore the night street at krabi makan2
this place was recommended by one of the blogs I read during my Krabi trip research. Abandoned though. not nice.

 however, because it is situated atop a hill, nice view from up.
 this giant chair is very nice though.

Thai milk tea. sedap giler!!!

At night( I dont have picture because kids wants to use it at hotel. both of us have to leave our phone behind. we went jalan2 cari makan, hubby being Kelantanese
 are so familiar with Thai food. 

We also went for Thai massage in the afternoon. It was so good and so cheap. Just around RM 30 per person for 2 hour. We really enjoys them. Only then I do not know that I was already pregnant with Nabiha at this time.

next day morning breakfast before we hit the sea. for island hopping.

waiting for our boat.

 kids and abah on the boat. its a long 45 minutes speedboat ride to Phi Phi island. in between, we will make few pit stop at few island.
This is turtle island. Such a beautiful soft marble white sands beach.

 beautiful clear aquamarine water.
We are given around only 30 minutes to play in the water. I wish we had more. The island is so beautiful. The shallow water is so clear.
The speedboat each has 3 large motor. 

We went to many islands in Krabi. However now I have forgotten all their names. Ahahah

We went island hopping for the whole days. I would'nt say its cheap. Its about 150 per person and cost us Rm700 in total. These beautiful islands were all about 1hours fast speed boat ride from Krabi shores. 
Overall such a fun day.

In the afternoon after the boat ride we went Jalan2 around the shores and try the famouse Banana Nutella paratha. 

The next day its beachtime again. We went to by biat to nearby island, went on kayak 

In the afternoon we went for an elephant ride. 

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