Monday, March 31, 2014

Harith very own basketball game

In Harith school there was a day that was called 'Caine's Arcade Cardboard Challenge day or sort where the kids was told to think of a game, plan it and materialized them using papers and board mostly recycled stuff. It was such a fun activities nurturing creativity and innovation. Plus it is so much fun for the kids. I believe in what the school is doing for the kids , to let them realize that learning is in fact fun. 

The other day I was busy and after picking up Harith form school I let the kids play in their room while continued on doing my stuff. Once or twice Harith came asking me stuff like cloth peg, tape, etc etc.
Then he came and show me one of the amazing thing me in my life as a mom I have ever seen, ( yup exaggerating) well anyway thats about how I react. Harith actually made a fully functional basketball game himself out of paper, tape and a cloth peg.

Harith masterpiece.

The usage of a cloth peg to give the ball a bounding energy is brilliant and I am amaze that he figure them out himself.That is a pom pom orange as basketball colour, its a better choice than a bead because it won't bounce away so much.
Can you find the ball in this picture its that orange zest up on the right, yup thats how fast the ball goes.

We then played this game for a while, surprisingly it is quite addictive since its sooooo hard to get the ball in !!!.

Harith brought the game to school the next day and his teacher shared how they had so much fun playing them.  

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