Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hari Raya AidilAdha in Toronto 2015

Happy Eid everyone!!!

Today is our first time celebrating EidulAdha in Toronto. Feeling excited!!!
How do muslims in Toronto celebrate the Eid??? Like this!

Actually , not all of them , I am sure they are the group who are at the qurban place or celebrate them with their families and fellow countrymen etc. 

Well in the morning we had our Hari Raya meal , first.

Nothing much , just lontong, ayam sambal, dendeng , mee hoon, daging goreng , ayam goreng and choc cake with creme cheese Nutella topping ( pesal nama kaw panjang sangat kek??)..

The cake close up view ( like its absolutely necessary... I just find so much beauty in dessert)

Then we went on to Hari Raya prayers..

Wooo, there is so many muslims in Toronto, no wonder the Masjid of Toronto have the Eid prayers here, they will not be able to cater the amount of jemaah in their masjid.

Btw, this is the Masjid of Toronto which is nearby my husband office where he usually perform his friday prayers. 

More pictures of Jemaah.

Thats the entrance , we can see that many people are still streaming in.

 The male jemaah is in front, while the ladies and kids at the back. 

After 2 rakaat prayers, the khutbah is given in arabic and english.

Thats the imam giving khutbah.

Ummi and Diha.

Getting to know few muslims sisters after prayers.

Then off to makan makan place,

They are many families who set up their table here, celebrating the eid together, while the children play at the festival under the same roof. ( this festival is held in a very big exhibition hall)Yes they actually had games, booth selling goodies, food, clothes, books and many more. ( some how I forgot to take the pictures ). 

My kids also did not miss the chance to enjoy some of the bouncy castle game ...

Us ...Aeee itu je baju raya awak????hihihi, feeling not wanting to overdress , dunno what to expect, but some of the muslims who came here do wear their beautiful beady ethnic clothes. Maybe next year lah ye. 

Overall, its humbling to see and get to know so many muslims here with different background and ethnicity, getting together to celebrate this beautiful day. We are happy to learn and experience the different way people celebrate Eid in this country. Thank you MAC for their hard work in planning this event. Looking forward to join more of MAC ( Muslim Association of Canada) activities and programs insyaAllah.

Happy Eid everyone !!!


  1. happening! ade fun activities for kids jugak. Bagus our kids will think ..our 'hari raya' also fun whattt..not only Christmas celebration...but we also can do like them. Maybe sebab mix up with other background and ethnicity kan..tu yg idea of celebration is different from us (Malaysian) . Makanan raye korang pun mantap...pandai masak Adlin!..hehe

    Eid Mubarak Adlin! :)

    1. Ye, the idea of prayers games and fun, family activity all under one room is so exciting. Food biase je, , x lengkap pon nany, one man show la kate. Will love to read your eid story pulak ni. :)

  2. Slmt hari raya aidil adha adlin to follow ur blog..very2 interesting. Even jauh d perantauan..uolls happy with d celebration..

    1. Thank you Masrul for reading blog saya yang x seberapa ni. :D. Love to share idea and oppinion here kay.

  3. Wonderful information! Its our first hariraya too here and glad to see a neighbour sharing their hariraya experience here in Toronto. Were from Singapore.. we'll definitely check out this celebration...