Sunday, October 11, 2015

Canadian National Exhibition.

Hi!!! I have not been updating this blog for a while. Been busy!!. So lots a update to do.

On the last Sept 7th 2015, we went to our first CNE. It is the largest exhibition held annualy in Canada and has been held in Canada from way back in 1879. Wow!!..
There is so much thing to do and see in this exhibition, there is indoor and outdoor games, concert, kids show, international exhibition and booth, book fair, branded goods sale even the canadian airforce shows like LIMA langkawi. 

Once we arrive at the exhibition place, we went on the famous skyride.

Thats abah and Zuhayr in front while me, Diha and Harith share the same car right behind.

See all the way back from this picture, you can see the CN tower.

After the ride we went around the exhibition area, play some games, tried some of the local delicacies and lepak. 

It was such a cheerful and colorful place.

Penat berjalan, duduk lepak sekejap.

Abah with the largest slurpee drink in alien container. Here in Canada the slurpee do come in many flavours and brand. Just the other day we stop at one of the convenient store to get a quick drink. And the kids got so excited at the choices of iceblended drinks.

And few more rows of that. Hamek.


Later we spend time in the book fair, indoor exhibition and then off to the lake to watch the air shows!!

Ye yang kecik besar lalat dalam pic tu la the fighter jet, hahahahah.

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