Saturday, October 31, 2015

Niagra fall trip 2.

Haih , tak habih lagi pasai niagra falls , sebulan baru tulih. Hahahahaha

Oh yes  I forgot to share about the trip after that while we are in the area. 

After the hornblower boat trip, we continue on to Niagra by the lake. The township of niagra by the lake is one of the first canadian township. It is actually the first capital of Ontario before it was moved to Toronto in 1797. 

It is a very beautiful historical site, because the building's here is protected by heritage act and therefor it was the law to maintain the outer look of the building in this little town as it is. However the interior can be renovated. There are people living here folks!!. And stepping here feels like taking a journey to the early days.

Hubby and kids in front of an old house that is turned into shops. Most of the houses in the main street has been turned into a shop here.

Very beautiful. Trying to visualize how was this city look like in the 18th century.

Currently this place has been turned into tourist atraction where some tourist comes for a day trip or they can rent a homestay for a wekend getaway.

The sidewalk is filled with people just taking a sweet stroll down a beautiful neighborhood.


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