Thursday, September 17, 2015

Islamic lesson - solat.

This is currently one of our istiqamah islamic lesson with the kids. The most important component of being a muslim. Solat.

Everyday, after their evening bath, the boys will take their wudhu' and will perform maghrib or isya' prayer in front of my husband. Abah will correct both the rukun qauli( recitation) rukun fi'li ( movement).
Sometimes we will solat jamaah together.

Zuhayr taking wudu'.

Harith taking wudhu'.

Zuhayr performing solat.

Harith performing solat.
They will perform the solat individually while being observe by my husband, they will recite the surah and dua' in solat loudly for abah to correct them.

Solat jemaah , diha pon join. 

Aik dah kebelakang, gerak dah.

Tahiyat akhir, diha ikut lentok kepala.

Its important to do something short and simple to ascertain istiqamah(continuous practice).

 I feel it is very important for every muslim parents to take responsibility for teaching solat and quran to their children even though they will learn them from school. Education as it is now is not the same as it use to be back then. School while have became so much harder than it use to be back then , they cant seem to teach most of the essentials, be it in islamic knowledge or knowledge of life as a whole.

May Allah shower this effort with barakah . I hope this sharing will be of benefit to muslim parents like me. Ameen.

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