Thursday, September 17, 2015

Baking cookies.

Aloo ummi why so much stories of sightseeing , no ummi in the house stories ni.

So let share amongst few of the activities we do at home.

One of the curiculum requirements for Harith grade is following written instruction and writing instruction. 

So I feel nothing is more fun than doing them first hand. It would be more fun.

Collecting all the ingredients as the instruction. 

We start making our cookies.

Diha pon sibuk tolong, ( please ignore the messy multipurpose table) :D.

Thats our batter ready to bake, thats diha finger digging the choc chip within tha batter, and she ate so much of the raw dough. *sigh*.

Somehow i love to make my choc chip cookies this way.


Easy step one two three.

And tea time!!! The kids enjoyed this so much. If only learning can be so much fun always.

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