Thursday, September 10, 2015

Our current place.

I actually have not shared about our current place. As a disclaimer I actually write this post more for my future self ( insyaAllah kalau umur panjang) so that I have a memories of the first place we stayed while living in Canada.

As I have mentioned, we currently stayed in Downtown Toronto , what it actually means is we stayed at the city centre, right where the action are. Bak kata orang tua.

So students lets continue our geography lesson, lol. So...Toronto city is devided as above and downtown Toronto is the city centre, macam area around klcc gitu.

It so near to my husband's office that he actually just walk to work. 

The tallest building in the city is his office building.

We can even see CN tower from our windows.

For the rest of the area in the house..

The master bedroom.

Dining and family hall.

My beloved open concept kitchen, I actually do love the idea of cooking while watching over the kids across the hall.

The view of the kitchen from the hall.

2nd bedroom. There is a small 3rd bedroom near the entrance.

I love the big window. We often take a peek outside to see the city people going about. 

Office space, which we made into praying area. 

Across from our building is the royal thompson hall and its park nearby, it has lots of lively activities. Like an outdoor movies. From our apartment window we can actually see the park, therefor when there is a public movie screening, we just grab our jacket,  went down, cross the street and there we are!!!.

 Movie under the moonlight or rather buildings light. :). 

Sometimes when we feel like we need some fresh air, in the afternoon, we will follow abah upstairs and chill at the rooftop. Abah's so called 'fresh air' place. 

The kids playing their version of pondok-pondok.

From the 10th of September till 20th September, there will be The Toronto International Film Festival!!!!.and the heart of all this events is in front of our place. The place we stayed is actually call theatre district. ( dunno what it is actually but will definitely check this out) .

That stage is set up in front of out apartment buildings door. 

We love our current place, it is so convenient and so happening. I know i would not stand the 'happening' so long , so its good that we would not be staying here that long but long enough to enjoy this vibrant city of Toronto.

Will share about TIFF, if its worth to share et all. Well you know who cares about some Holywood movie stars right?! Lol.Till later. Thank you for reading. 


  1. Paling best ialah dapur ituuu...aahhh..suke sangat lah!

    1. :D , saye pon in love, dapur kat umah style wet and dry, dulu selalu pikir , sapela nak dapur sambung ngn hall.