Thursday, September 17, 2015

Toronto island.

Hello, today I am gonna share more about my Toronto sightseeing tour activity. One of the perks we got with the Toronto sighseeing hop on hop off bus ticket is a free boat ride around Toronto Island. The boat cant stop at the island however. For that we need to buy another boat ticket.

Toronto island is situated just outside the Toronto city centre and provided the shelter for Toronto harbour. Interestingly there is an international airport within the island ( The Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport), a small residential community, and recreational park. Yes there is actually people living in the island and their children actually have to board a boat everyday to mainland to go to school.

This is us at the harbour of lake Ontario the land across is Toronto island, not the United states taw.

So students  as we can see above, lake Ontario is a geographical border between Canada and USA. There you can see us, Toronto and across the lake is new york state already.

Diha and abah on the boat.

Diha and umi pulak on the boat.

The view of the Toronto city centre on the boat is breathtaking. Ni gambar saya ambil sendiri. :D.
And that plane is just about to land at Billy Bishop airport.

And that is an artist illustration of the beautiful city of Toronto from across the lake.

There is a lot of activities that can be done in the island. There is no private vehicle on the island except for state own vehicle. However you can bring your bike on the boat and ride a bike across the island, there is few small island within this archipelago of Toronto island however the island is inteconnected so you can actually go to all the islands. In the centre island there is a children theme park, zoo and also beaches. I was told by the tourist guide there is also a clothing optional beaches there. Eeeeeee.....

The boat deck with the Amsterdam bridge view behind. The city of Amsterdam have the simmilar bridge which is named Toronto bridge. Mesti nak kena pegi tengok ni one day.

More of the kids pic at the harbour. ( on a different sighseeing day)

That is the Toronto island view from the CN tower. 

Hmmm we do we go next??... 

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