Sunday, August 27, 2017

Toronto Hawks Soccer League

All through summer I enrolled Harith and Zuhayr to soccer practice and league since they enjoyed soccer so much.

Zuhayr's team. Qualicare.

Harith's team .Toronto Hawks.

They practiced every Friday and have league games on Wednesday every week all through summer.

The beautiful field they had their soccer practice. I really enjoyed bringing them to play here. While they play madiha enjoyed playing at the playground and I just enjoyed the beautiful summer afternoon.

Our chair every time at the field.

Abah will come straight here from work and him and the kids will practice passing balls. 

 Zuhayr's team played till the final and Harith's team played till the semi-finals.

They both work hard for their team!!!

Zuhayr's team playing in the final.

Closing ceremony for Harith soccer league.

Closing ceremony for Zuhayr soccer league.

We had an amazing soccer 2017 season. 

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