Thursday, August 24, 2017

Las Vegas

From San Francisco we drove to Las Vegas. Its about 8h drive 600km.

It suprises me how deserted the road are. The drives indeed goes through California desert but I also just realize that there is no people or town along the way. Just barren land.

Beautiful blue sky and brown grass. Beautiful.

We arrive in Las Vegas the strip around 6pm. And the temperature is 42c. I really feel like I am in the oven. So hot even at night.

For me the most exciting thing about vegas is the hotel. Its such an extravagance luxury and affordable too. 

Las Vegas strip at night. I would say all.the neon light that used to be the signature of vegas now is replace with electrical bulb that is more efficient. For that Las Vegas strip does not look like what I used to know it would be because most cities road now look like this such as in Times Square New York. But maybe not as much as in Vegas.

We visited the Venetian hotel. Where the concept is Venice. So there are all this Venice concept within the huge hotel. Gondola with water canal indoor and outdoor. And inside there is shopping area with ambience like a town in Venice.

Since I have never been to Venice yet. I am not dissapointed if it does not feel the same. 

The strip is long and the walk is really hot. We went on hotel hopping because its colder in the hotel and the hotels offers many thing to do besides gambling. But of course gambling is their main attractions. 

All hotels lobby is sprawl with large cassino area. Even in the morning people already start gambling. And at night all these slots are full.

There are also an extravagant flower decorations in most hotels. The best being at the Bellagio hotels. Such massive flower decoration there. Bellagio also has a very large water fountain shows in front of the hotels. And the decoration in the hotel is like in a dream.

Bellagio hotels and its decor.

More flowers decoration by bellagio.

There is also Paris hotel, New York New York Hotel and Luxor hotel mimicking the egypt concept and many more.

Paris yo. Acah2.

Inside new york hotel I feel like laughing. Its full of new york culture and food and I just realize how un-interesting , un-aesthetic or how un-unique it is. So common and not beautiful. Like street culture. Like bagan gitu.

I love luxor aka the pyramid hotel. Best!!. Picture above are balconies. The pyramid hotel lobby is open air if you stay in any rooms you can watch from you balconies the activities below. 

Inside the hotels are shops eateries. Shows and performance.

Las Vegas is interesting. Its famous for all the bad thing gambling and all this s** activities , but its also famous for its touristy spot. For me Alhamdulillah I saw only that. 

Because the strip is so long to walk all the way is quite imposible. There is monorail that connects each hotels and its free. Above is the map of the strip hotels and its available public transportation option. 

Even with all these. Its takes days to cover all the hotels in Las Vegas. This place is all about fun. 

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