Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pacific Coast Highway

From Los Angeles to San Francisco there are few roads. The shortest is the interstate which will take roughly 5 hours and the longest and most scenic is Pacific Coast Highway that will take roughly 10-12h but is all along the coast and you see this beautiful pacific ocean all the way.

However there is another one in the middle which have some PCH in its route and also some scenery of towns in california along the way. This takes about 8h and this is my route. 

Look at the route in purple and how the roads are all along the the coast.

Pit stop at the beach along the road.

Breathtaking view all along this coastal highway. 

Malibu is also along this highway.

We then take the route away from the coast.

Its in between towns and mountainous area along california. Its beautiful. The grass on the mountain is turning brown due to the summer heat. 

There is also farms along the way. Like strawberry farms. And california is famous for its strawberry. 

Nothing taste like fresh strawberry. This cost 9usd.
 California geography is simply unique. All along this coastline and area surrounding them is fertile lands with lots of farms if you go more east towards the central area you will start to drive towards california desert. Then more east there will be nevada desert, arizona with its famous Grand Canyon. 

Its really when we experience the road we start to understand the geography of it all. When you go to the place you understand the history. 
The things we learn through travel. 

Ok enough with this philosophy.  Next stop San Francisco. And some short stories of things we do this summer.

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