Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer Trip 2017 San Diego

San Diego has its own reputation , with its famous Coronado beach where the rich and famous buy houses near the sea and own their own yatch. 

After we pick up our rental car we cross the bridge from downtown San Diego to Coronado island.

On the bridge.

Look at all those private yatch .

The famous del Coronado hotel. 

We drove along the lenght of the island back again to coronado beach grab a pizza for lunch and went to visit the USS midway museum.

Behind the kids is the USS maritime museum which is the aircraft carrier itself name Midway.

Behind us is the famous V-J day statue. This is a statue depicting a famous photograph of a navy kissing a female nurse as a form of celebration amongst american soldier upon the knowledge of victory over Japan in war. Looking so romantic and yet this is really a picture of a spontaneous kiss by 2 complete stranger. 

This scene happens in Times square new york in 1945.

Then on the same day, we drove to Los Angeles. Its about 3 hours drive. 

We came back to San Diego again on the last day before flying off and this time we went to the famous la jolla beach and Balboa park.

Us at the La Jolla Cove. This area is protected as underwater park  where people snorkel, dive or simple swim and enjoy the beauties of sea life underwater.

Another famous attraction here is sea lions and seals. Behind us in the picture are the seals and sea lions resting at the beach.

Next Balboa park.

Initially own by Spain and Mexico, San Diego and most of the California are later surrendered to the US government. As their tradition, the Spanish government used to spare a large amount of land for park and public uses. Balboa park is the direct result of these effort. Balboa park is the biggest urban cultural park succeding Central Park in New York.

The whole concept and setting of the architecture in this park is flavored by Spanish accent. 

I love this concept.  Central park within a building structure and water feature at its centre.

Lots of beautiful water fountain. Spain architecture deeply influenced by the islamic concept.

Beautiful flower park. 

Water pond and bordered by symmetrical buildings.

The bronze building behind is a green house with exotic flowers.

Inside the greenhouse

More looks of the park. Beautiful.

If you were wondering why in the picture are only us girls, because these lazy boys prefers to just sit and chill. 

There is such a significant spanish influence  (aka mexican) all over the city in California. From the building structure, people and language. If in Canada most writings in public is written in English and French , here all will be written in English and spanish. 

Next stop eh post Los Angeles. 

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