Saturday, December 19, 2015

Interactive color lesson with diha.

At home, we do many interactive color activity. 

Painting. Usually one color at a time, diha will tell me the color then i will open up the watercolor cap and she will start doodling with them untill she is done before she move of and request another color.

She loves her painting activity.

We also do stamping activity with vegetable cuts.

The boys help me to prepare color sorting egg cartoon box, for color sorting activities with diha.

Then diha will sort the colored pom pom according to the color segments while naming its color.

The colorfull color sorting tray.

By using yet another egg tray and color its bottom like this.

Diha will start sorting pipecleaner according to its color on the tray and connecting it at the other end.

Almost done.

Sometimes we will do some fine motor skill activities as well with the pom pom and tube.

This is another fine motor activity with pipecleaner and egg cartoon. Diha call this roller coaster rainbow. Uyay and diha is playing how many pom pom can get through the rainbow.

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