Friday, December 18, 2015

A B C with Diha.

Diha and Ummi have been working with this ABC letter work for awhile. We do it while singing the ABC phonics song, like A is for apple eh eh apple, B is for bus beh beh bus....currently diha has memorize all the alphabets with its phonics sound.

This is on the first day.

We did like one letter per day.

F is for fish, feh feh fish.

Initially all were pasted on the refrigerator door untill we are out of space for it.

Then we started to paste it at the cabinet.

Towards the later part Zuhayr started to help a lot in the work. Diha loves to work with her brother.

Zuhayr loves the coloring part.

And finally after many days all of them are done!!!!

Look at my ABC artwork gaissss....

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