Wednesday, December 16, 2015


For the kids Halloween is about costume and candy. 

At my kids school they held one special day for halloween where the kids can come to the school wearing their costume or just normal clothing, my kids choose to wear normal clothing. During this day the teacher wears costume too, good sport all these teachers. The whole day its all about learning with halloween theme. At the end of the day, my kids came home bringing candy goodie bag and feeling happy.

The school held a Halloween dance a week before Halloween night where again the kids can come and wear their constume and get together . There are also a bake sale to raise fund for charity. We went there just to have an experience of what it was like. It was nothing much just music and a bunch of kids jumping out to the beat in the gym, which my children as usual, not joining. Hahahhaa

My kids costume at the halloween dance. Diha feeling very princessy.

On Halloween night we encourage the kids to go trick or treating again just to gain an experience of how it was like. It started as soon as it become dark. I went with the kids and abah stays at home to give candy to the kids that will come over for TOT.

It a new experience for us. The streets got busy with kids going to each house knocking at the door for candy and the parents who accompany their children will stay at the sidewalk watching over while their kids going over to the house asking for candy.

Our neighbourhood street. Full with kids with costume and parents.

Zuhayr kept on his mask the whole time.

Harith and neighbour's kid.

Thats Harith and Zuhayr asking for candy.

More pics of many kids waiting for candy treat. We went around a few blocks untill Zuhayr says that his bag is feeling heavy so we went home.

Happy faces.

Digging their bag of goodies.

Overall it was an interesting experience for me and especially the kids. All the houses are opening their doors to a bunch of happy kids bouncing over their neighbourhood asking for candy. The adults are loving and kind to the children, greeting them and handing over candy to make the kids happy. The neighbourhood come to live with kids and accompanying parents walking along the street. I would say its the spirit of loving, kindness, making children happy and giving that makes this occasionsomething to remember.

Well thats is our Halloween 2015 story. 

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