Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The kids loves to watch TV IQ in Malaysia. In saigon there is no such channel but sometimes they will request that ummi type them a science project video. I am so glad that they are into science project now to do as a project. 

The other day Harith watch about a periscope and immediately wanted to do it, in fact he draw a plan on how it should look like and even the priciple of how they actually work.

So we gather our things and started.

The equipments are a long rectangular box, 2 mirror and tape, scissors and cutter. Above you can see Harith drawings on how the periscope works. He drew an eye and how the eye see through the reflection of the mirror. Look at the direction of the arrow. Well he soon will learn that the reflection is of light that goes into the eyes not the other way around.

Now we are aligning the mirror in the  box.

I did the cutting work.
Set the mirror and tape them up. Making sure we secure them well.

Done!!!!!! the kids were having a blast with them.

The next day Harith brought them to school to show it to his friends.

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