Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pancake cake

This is a very easy fancy desert, it looks rich and grand and yet easy to make, no forms of baking required.

The other day I wanted to bring dessert to a friend's house for makan makan session, but I cant cause madiha wants me at her side all day long and she takes such a short nap at daytime.

So in the morning, have to make this quick fix dessert. 

This is my favorite pancake mix, i always have them at home for breakfast, Harith love pancakes for breeakfast, its very quick and easy to make. First I make about 5 big size pancakes.

Then after they cooled down I started layering them. Chocholate and nuts layer and cream cheese layer. 

You can even layered them with these easy instant whipped cream. Kalau sangat rajin kan !!! Lol

Cream cheese layer. And continue on untill all the 5 pancakes have been stacked up.

Tada!!! It looks fabulous right?? Perah santan sendiri minum laaaaa !! Lol.

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