Saturday, November 2, 2013

play play play

I love to capture the things that the boys do. maybe because I want to retain as  much memories about their childhood as I can. I love to observe them in play. my kids escpecially loves planning play, they will arrange their toys in concept, as town, fire house etc etc.

 above are fire station scene...using all of their fire engine, rescue cars collection to create the scene.

 Precision activities. Stability, precision, calculation, don't play do so much good? except for video games.

 These are the things I realize I will miss if I am at work working, that's why I guess I appreciate them so much.
 uyay just about to set his city. Looking in to look for more buildings. Cars basket at the side ready.

I do realize though they don't do much outdoor, whuch I mean is earth, water, dirt, rocks, rivers, creek, trees, leaves sigh.... which I wish they have more chance to do. I remember when I was small we will stay indoor until about 4pm in the afternoon then we are aloud to go outside  and play. Again I realize these are the things my kids misses leaving in urban area.

Little violinist, giving their performance.

But then memang sepah la huhuhuhu.

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