Friday, October 4, 2013

Fun workbook

We had this fun work book that we will do from time to time. I used them with uyay a lot while Harith is at school and Harith will come home and do more of them. It involves lots of cutting, gluing, small craft. All these are good fine motor skills practice.

Never bored activity book for pre-K and year 1

 Cutting cutting work.

 Gluing gluing.

Yeay, the caterpillar is done, together with this activities it ask numbers and colors of the caterpillar long bodies.

A complete farm of Harith activity. The farm with its farm animals complete with the barn and hay.

I only uses activity book, to let the kids practice their fine motor skills for the most important skills later which is writing. Otherwise I am not concern how many pages they did, or weather they complete the whole activity book. We have to understand the fundamental of learning is to acquire skill to live in this world, again and again I emphasize that reading, writing , mathematics is not the education itself but tools to acquire the real education "ilmu" which is the education of life. Otherwise learning become static to pen and paper, math is about solving practice question in activity books, reading and writing is about solving practice comprehension, exams is about achieving marks. Where will this kind of education lead the child then?? This is when their mind will be trapped, boxed in the flat papers their world of studying is exposed to.

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