Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dusty the hero in 'planes'

We saw the movie "planes" by the creator of "cars" which the boyz love to watch. So Uyay wants to make Dusty. He sat down and help me make the simple version of dusty with propeller at the front and this plane has eyes and nose. Once done uyay just hold on to it for so long, bringing it to sleep, looking for it in the morning, showing it proudly to abah "i made it with ummi" he says. I just loooove his proud happy face on this project achievement.

sitting next to ummi helping with the project.

Abang Harith lend his help as well. The wings.

 This is the priceless proud boy happy face at the un- finish version of dusty. :D

oh yes before that, uyay describe to me how the propeller looks like and its color that he wants, I draw them for him and make him color them (good time for me to make him practice pencil grip! )

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