Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fire engine cake

Uyay has been loving the you tube post of "fire engine cake" and one day he says "UMMI I want to make a fire engine cake" so off we go making them just like the video. He watch them soo much and remembers every detail of the cake.

 Our friend here is helping his ummi sieving the flour. oohhh he is helping me all the way.
 And there is the proud smile again.
 Harith is back helping with the toppings. we mixed the toppings together.

 They just loooved the toppings work.

 Adding and mixing multiple colors for the decorative topping.

 Then we let the toppings rest in the fridge overnight.
By the way, this is not the next day picture, uyay make us wait few more days untill abah got back from outstation toproudly show abah his fire engine cake. And there is the proud smiles again. :D

And here i share the video that give uyay the " inspiration". same right?? our cake. :D.

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