Monday, July 16, 2012

My craft corner aka worktable

I've always wanted a craft table/ worktable at home where i have all this complete stationaries to do my gift wrapping, cards, letters, printings and stuff. Since deciding to learn scrapbooking i have actually make them a reality. I now have my own craft corner yeay!!! It is so strategic, its in the kids room where I can see them play while doing my work. And its not just a craft corner, its like my very own space, my office for me to sit and read, web-surfing, studying errr....Of course its nothing much. My friend here had her own studio and its sooo very nice. Mine it just at the door corner, very small space , small table and chair. But i love it!!, from my table i can just turn and see the kids play, sleep and do their stuff. Check out some of the great studio the scrapbookers have though, its just so nice, clean, neat and checkout all those colorful papers , ribbons, buttons etc that they have !!!!!! (the picture will be very random since i'm blogging from ipad, but basically my table is the little blue table with a basket full or wrapping papers and a white rotan drawer cabinet under, with all the colorfull ribbons, few gift boxes and jars of craft flowers at the top. Its at the door corner with a very limited space not those beautiful studio rooms pictures which is serenely lovely and sweet and make you feel like you can stay there forever :) ,maybe they are mine someday :D ) ( the picture of uyay sleeping and harith just about to do his painting is just showing my view from my table at this very time while i'm sitting at the table updating my blog)

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