Friday, May 13, 2016

Daytime with Madiha

I am so thankfull to be given the opportunity to be a housewife and stay at home taking care of my own kids. I am so greatfull for that. Now that Harith and Zuhayr are in scholl I got to spend lots of time with Madiha. What did we do together? Well since I do need to do lots of housework sometimes Madiha is left to play alone. Sometimes i set her with a atsk then left her to do it while i go around with my chores, sometimes when i am done with my work i will sit and play with her or read to her.

Here are things that Madiha do at home with ummi!!,

Dha loves puzzles.

She do puzzles every day.

This pearls is a ver good sensory and sorting activities.

Making karipap with ummi.

Making mini pizza . We cook a lot together too.

Diha loves to play with these rice grain too.

Kinetics sand, her favorite. Ummi x larat bile die mintak nak main yang ni.

More math and word activities.

With reading cards.

This one is more of coloring the water activities. She loves to do this more than painting. 

Playing with jelly. Such a rewarding sensory activities.


Poster color painting.

Activity book sometimes.

And then

Following ummi for pickup abang abang at school!!.

There daytime activities with Madiha.

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