Thursday, May 12, 2016

Brontee Creek Maple Syrup Festival.

Its early spring and its time for maple syrup festival. We went to brontee creek to attend this festival , its a maple syrup farm which is about 45 minutes away from our place.

Upon arriving at the festival we took the provided wagon to the farm picnic place to try the pancake with their farm original maple syrup.

Up on our ride. The weather is nice and sunny.

Thats basically how our wagon looks like.

At the picnic place.

Mmmmm the maple syrup served here look and taste totally different from the one i buy from the stores. Its much more clear and has a woody taste to it.

Full and now off to the farm tour.

In this tour we walked through the maple farm while a guide explain the process through history how maple syrup was made etc. Very interesting. The most interesting fact of all is about 100 years ago , the whole family consume about a cubic (bath soap) size amount of sugar for the whole year. Wow.

Its just like how the rubber tapper collect rubber by injuring the tree sap and collect the rubber but here they collect water from the tree.

After the tour we went around the farm just enjoying the beautiful farm area in this great weather.

We played some games.

The worker around the farm wearing the traditional dress which is super cute.

The boys make their own souvenir. 

Farm time.

We shop a bit, and called it a day. What a fine way to spend the first wekend of spring break. 

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