Monday, August 31, 2015

Our first day in Toronto

Upon arrival at the hotel which is already so late at night, we manage to get a good night sleep. In the morning rise and shine all of us get ready to follow hubby to work. Its just walking distance from the hotel.

I was like go so 'jakun' .hahahahhaha. Its so different, the weather, the buildings, the colours of all things. Back in Malaysia everything is so vibrant, its due to our sunny weather but here all seems few shades lighter but in a nice way. 

Its mostly fully glass buildings. Its beautiful.

At around noon, we went back home to rest. Still feeling jet lag, we all dozed off in the aftrenoon. Our time zone different is exactly 12 hours from Malaysia, therefor at 12noon its aproximately 12 midnight in Malaysia and we all are feeling so sleepy by that time. Surprisingly though abah is all ok. You can continue working darling we all nak balik tido. Saye kan tak keje hahahhahah. It took us about a week jugakla to adjust. Lame kaw haaa.

This is some of the picture of our hotel room.

The hall.

The pantry. I do cook there.

The master room.

Jacuzzi in the toilet. All mandi time the kids berendam in them.

The city view from our room.

That is hubby office , view from our hotel room. So dekat kan. 


  1. Enjoy your 4 years in Toronto Adlin!!! Lucky wife and children Alhamduillah...syok dok tpt org sebab banyak sangat bende yg boleh buat kita muhasabah diri and bersyukur atas apa yg ALLAH SWT bagi kat kita. Peluang jadi full house wife pun best sangat.... of course la, stress sane, stress sini..hahaha..tapi kat mane2 pun ade stress nya. Next entry please!

    1. Thanx nani, betul, pengalaman living in other people's country is a lesson of a lifetime. I have this list of things nak buat ni, as a SAHM on top of all the travelling nak buat , lol. Hope i can achieve them all. Enjoyed reading your blog too.