Friday, August 21, 2015


Hubby got posted again yeay!!! Boleh dok rumah mengadap diha ( very ambitious girl i am) . I do love my current work at HKL. I love my job. Love seeing my patient, talk to them about their problem, sometimes they will tell me about their lives, their work , truth be told i've learn't a lot from my patient. And I love  my colleague, they are such a great team. Maybe later i will write one special post about my work. 

For now i better write this post before i've forgotten everything about it, its been almost a month!!!

So this is a story of our grand journey to our new home for the next 4 yrears Toronto, Canada. 

Our flight is a late night flight at 1145 pm on Sunday the 9th August 2015 with MAS A380 yeay!!!!

Family and friends who came to send us off.

Beloved sista's

Thats an epic pics, taken by our family member . I have the same one just like this the day we went off to vietnam before. Its nostalgic to see old pictures and seing ourselves then and now.

Yep, thats the photo of us traveling to vietnam. At that time ibu ikot skali to help me settle down ( its near kan lol) . 

Some of our picture in the plane. My first time in A380 .

Its a long 12h journey to London( yep we transit in London for 12h). We arrive in London at 830am on Monday 10th August 2015.

Dah sampai!!!At the heathrow airport.

In London, we took a bus tour around the city. The weather is perfect. Alhamdulillah. 

The city is just soooo classic. It gorgeous.


I've forgotten what building this is, all around the city there's a lot of this simmilar looking building.

The bus took us 4 time across different bridges along river thames. Across London bridge, Tower bridge and ummm,...other bridges.

The big ben.

London eye.
The tower bridge which my children even Diha insist as a London bridge, and Diha even started to sing the London Bridge song. Lol. Its really hilarious.

Thats our bus route around the city. 4 hours of bliss. The weather is sunny but not warm, very cool and breezy. We all enjoyed this trip.

Since we had only few hours to spare we just stayed in the bus the whole 4h trip around London city. There is an English  speaking tour guide which is very informative ( more if I manage to understand her accent fully lol) . But its was well worth it. I've fallen in love with this beautiful city. I've been here once about 12 years ago when i was a medical student , visiting my friends and to be here again with my hubby and 3 children is just ovewhelming.

Once the tour finishes we rush back to the airport to catch our flight to Toronto. Its another 8 hour long flight. Our plane depart from London at 6pm on the same Monday and are scheduled to arrive at 8pm on the same day. There is some delay in departing and we finally arrive at Toronto at 930 pm Alhamdulillah.

Kids at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Tired. Upon arrival, my husband office staff are all waiting, so nice of them. They have arrange our transportation to the hotel. 

The mighty cars that manage to fit us with all our 8 large luggage, and few small handcarry bags and stroller. 

Its was such a long journey, we were all so relieved and glad once we finally arrived. Its a total of 20h flight time, 32h of journey. Nonetheless we enjoyed them tremendously. I am so thankful to Allah for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to be in this other part of the world. Alhamdulillah. Will share more of our days here. InsyaAllah.



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