Sunday, May 25, 2014

Science project- plants absorbs water

Saturday is science project day!!! Its my new year motto for the kids, every saturday we will try to do a science project.
So this saturday is about plants. And I am trying to demonstrate to the kids how plants absorbs water.

Things that we need includes food coloring , 4 water glasses/bottles and plants/vegetables/white roses.

I let the kids went on and put the food coloring coz they love to do it.

Then we put in the vegetables.

Let them sit for a day.

When the boys wakes up the next morning they just couldn't wait to see what becomes of their little experiements, in fact all through the day they keep on coming to the 'lab' to observe the progress.

Using the magnifying glass they observe closely how the veins of the vegetables are filled with the colored water.

Then I make the boys draw what they observed.

And of course someone cant wait to become little scientist too. Hehehehh.

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