Monday, May 26, 2014

Harith 7th year old birthday celebration

For Harith's birthday the theme is ' malaysia ' flags and red and white stripes.

Bendera berkibar di angkasa!!!!

There is this no cake rules only cupcakes are allowed so cupcakes it is.

I made a cupcake with a chocolate treasure in it, ...mmmmmm


White cupcakes
Red cupcakes.

Harith is busy preparing his stripes goody bag.

Thats the flag for the cupcakes.

The proud malaysia boleh goody bags.

In Harith class the proud birthday boy gets to sit on Ms Melissa's chair( his classroom teacher), and they loved it.

The class then sing him the birthday song and then ...

Enjoys the cupcakes.

Uyay wouldn't want to miss the fun.

It is lucky for us that adan and amruz came to saigon during this time and had the chance to celebrate Harith birthday's celebration together!! Whatfun!!

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