Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Uyay first 3D puzzle

About years ago I have work with Harith with so many 3D puzzle, and uyay still small at that time only looked on. But on Diha's birthday he got a present too, yes they are so lucky to have generous aunts and one of them is a 3D transformer puzzle which he nagss me to do with him everyday.. Till i got time to sit with him and do it.

To my suprise seeing how good are his fine motor skills doing them, I hardly need to help a lot.

He kept working on them and not once getting frustrated and eager to demand to fix all by himself even its a bit complex.

Ummi dok buat ape?? As usual gets overreacted at all her kids milestone and snap picture la hahahhaaha.yes, I am kind of like that. 

And look at his proud smile once its done..
and those smiless always makes my day---tearfull eyes ( over la tu ummi)

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