Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hot air ballon

The other day after pick up Harith got all excited about making hot air balloon. Urging me to that project that very afternoon. Honestly at times, in my heart I will say "alah malasnye" but then I would remind myself it wont be long before they grew up and wont want me to do stuff with them anymore.  sob sob tidak!!

So after solat we get started, look for reference in you tube heheheheheh, well its true and its really helpfull.

Stuff we need , large plastic bag, straws, alluminium paper and small birthday candles.

Cut the alluminium paper and stick the candle on top , this is the best base for the candle, it avoid the melting wax dripping on the floor.

Attached the cross shape straws to each ends of the plastic .

As can be seen the burning candle heat up the air inside the plastic bag. So the boys saw how the hot air expand. However the plastic bag is too heavy, we cant get them to fly up.

We even try different plastic bag.

Oh well, maybe another time then.we will try again.

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