Saturday, December 7, 2013

Terry fox run

In the year of my birth, a hero Terry Fox, a cancer survivor himself at the time started a marathon called "marathon of hope" to raise money for cancer research. He ran or rather hop everyday in rain, strong wind with one leg ( another been amputated due to the osteosarcoma) 43km a day for 143 days in the hope to raise money and awareness to help cancer research center to study and eventually find cure to cancer. Although the spread of the cancer eventually force him to stop his quest. 

Today full of energy our families for the first time ever join the "marathon of hope" and wish that his spirit of helping, fighting and sharing stays with us and help us grow into somebody in the likes of him.The marathon was held in many coutries every year and raise millions for cancer research. 

We finish the 10km run , walking while pushing Diha stroller( Diha been a darling the whole time) , harith biking, uyay riding his scooter. We enjoyed ourselves soo much.

Semangat waja nak start!

Initially i never have expected that we will complete the run , and so proud that we did. Bravo to my boys who didn't want to give up and want to see the finishing line.

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