Saturday, December 7, 2013

Making my own jewellery

For the consular ckub charity bazaar I chose to wear a kebaya and looking at my plain red jubah kebaya I said oh noo!! To plain lah. So i went to the saigin famous SKL shope which sells all the things you might find to make clothes and their acessories, from material, cloth, beads, zip, clips, buttons, neclace and the lost goes on, its really a heaven to crafter and costume maker. Hoping to get 'kerongsang nyonya' well you know the 3 serangkai kerongsang but hofkos to no avail, where to get a malaysian jewellery here in saigon la. But i found some very interesting piece of beautiful gold colored thin nicely crafted metal , with that, i bought some gold colored chain pins and went home to make my iwn jewellery, awwww!! So ambitious!!

I dont know what they actually manucfactured this stuff for, but there you go the beautiful golden metal, gold chain and pin waiting to be glue gun together.

Its really nice and fine. I love them. They have many designs too.

Tada!! Awesome right??

I made some kerongsang too. 

I am in love with them and so proud of them that I went around using these little cheap beauty hahahhaha dang!!


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