Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sail boat revisited

One fine saturday morning Harith wakes up as usual energized and full of ideas as usual and started to get wood sticks I bought for project usage and he started to tape them together in a row wanting to make a raft, once done he took a large basin fill them with water and test his raft, after a while the sticks started to disintegrade because the tape loose it stickiness once wet. My inventif son is sooo dissapointed and frantically try to put more tape but the wet sticks wont stick. Pitying him I help with a glue gun. And we started gluing the raft.

Lets make it will a sail ummi!!!! And i let him invent them. He have the idea and put them together and I help him there and here with execution. 
And then ...
Tadaaaa!!!! Our sail boat ia ready. 
We get a basin and put the boat in and it does not sink!! Yeay!! And the boys tries the sail by blowing on the sail and that works too!!! 
Then they started to put playmobil passengers in and see how many and how heavy load can their sailboat stand before sinking.

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