Friday, June 14, 2013

Green train.

Time for doing project with zuhayr. Yeay, he seems excited enough. So we gather our stuff and start. 

Uyay loves the colorfull button, told him to find those suitable to make the train wheels.
Then uyay started to color the train, i gave him the opportunity to choose the train color and chose green, he always loves green. 1 box, 2 box ,3 box then
He brings them outside to dry then 
he stop, and wanting to rest, but we have not finished uyay!! I said " i want harith to continue them" he said  hahhahah uyay!! . He just love to lepak this boy. So we waited for Harith to come home from school.
So harith came home and help out.
We glue on the tires, and Harith paint the windows, make the front of the train, the snout basically Harith took over uyay project! 
Tada!!!!Our very own green train!!! 
Though Harith did help him a lot in this project we still call them uyay green train, hopefully that will motivate him to do more.

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