Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ummi birthday cards n gifts

This post i quite belated from my actual birthday date, it just that i have just got time to upload them. On my birthday , my husband are outstation therefor its just me and the kids. I love spending time with them doing a project therefor i thought why not i make them do my birthday cards and gifts. There are lots of fine skills thought in this activity. I am also introducing them a virtue of gratefullness, thankfullness, caring and showing appreciation.

Cutting papers

The cards are made by a recycles magazine cover, and colorful paper glued to the cards 
Covering the cards with colorful paper
Harith coloring his cards
Uysy rather play with ipad tha coloring the cards

I love you too dear

My birthday cards and gifts specially made by the kids

Colorful beads to make bracelet for me
Uyay working with his manik
Notice how after a few manik in, he starts to loss interest and play manik with lorry. Cute!!
Harith in concerntration
Its just lovely
Notice uyay small ring, he is still small with less attention span. Therefor  should be bracelet become a smaller one-ring!!

Cantik tak???
It is such a fun activity with the kids and the gifts and cards are priceless.

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