Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Space adventure

Today, suddenly Harith told me that he wanna make stars and put them up in the sky. The other day we were busy making rockets. Most of the rocket making directions i saw on the web are either using explosive or fire, therefore i try to change them to be propelled by ballon gush using ' bernoulli principle' ,but well its not working yet. Therefore the rockets stays as toys that is flown by the hands only. But the kids still love it. Anyway today Harith says he wants to land his rocket in the moon as well, and he wants his rocket to fly past the stars and our land ( which he means earth).So I thot of this projects. I make him draw his stars, moon and earth and cut them and hang them with a rope, we had another rope made for the rocket so that he can fly his rocket passed the stars , earth and land then in the moon. Uyay of course will join in once he feels he wants too. :). Check it out!!.

Lately i tend to keep most boxes that will come in handy once we wanna do our projects.

Both of them are coloring their own rocket, Harith's red and Uyay's blue
Put them to dry, notice the shiny effect of acrylic paint.

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Wow looking quite real !!

Putting the stars on strings
I just had to capture this little boy in his deep concentration.
Harith painting the earth and moon.
Both rockets are put on different strings from the stars and moon so they can fly over. This is such fun astronomy lessons dont you think??

What a beautiful world, what a beautiful life ;)

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