Friday, March 16, 2012

A glimpse into Harith journal

Both my sons have their own journal. Everyday they will sit down on their round green table and choose fun things they will do with them.

Harith loves to draw the sun, then sky , then grass. In between is anything and this time is the tractor. (should rotate the pic, but well try to write a blog with screaming and jumping boys behind you. Its maddening). grrrrr

This is one pic that i love the most, a very 'fat' plane. .....and arghhh how do you rotate this!!!.

By the way, this is the 'slim' plane model he is copying

Moral of the story, don't ask Harith to draw Ummi..............

Well anyway, making them keep their own journal was a good idea i found on the web on one of my Montessori method search. Apart from encouraging journalism, for us mother's , we would like to keep as much memories of our small child as possible.

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