Sunday, March 12, 2017

Winter Trip 2017

It's spring break!!!! Only that it's still winter over here in Canada still!!! Yeay!! (With a groan) So!!! We went for our winter trip instead. Brrrrrr 

We went to Blue Mountain again for our winter trip this time. The last time we were here for our winter trip back in 2015, winter came late that year. So blue mountain back then was more of green mountain. We still had a lot of fun but we come back again to see this place in winter. It was beautiful and really cold !!

In front of Westin trillium hotel blue mountain the hotels we stayed before when we were here.

Behind every me the frozen mill pond lake.

The village at Blue mountain. I love the European architecture and designs of the buildings. This is actually shop houses with hotels rooms above. 

The village at night.

Harith went snowboarding this time.

Us while waiting for Harith .

We also went around to see the frozen Georgian bay lakes around the area. So amazing how the waves just froze due to do. Saturday weather. 

Behind me is thee frozen lake and beach.

Much further the waves of the cold lakes, the winds were so strong that day. Imagine being outside
At -20c wind strong winds. 

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