Thursday, April 7, 2016

Zuhayr fighter jet

Hi!!!!i have not been blogging for a loooooong time. I just could not find the time or do not have the muse for it. Ok so i have to start where I left off I think in January. Wanna share this first. We have not done this for awhile as well.

Zuhayr has been watching mr maker and wanted to do one of their project which is a fighter plane. 

So we did.

I always kept some boxes just for this purpose and we start to cut them in shape.

Zuhayr did most of the work. Cutting shaping , sticking.

To make it look fat and fancy we have to put lots of tube like cardboard.

Then the whole thing is covered with paper and glue, art attack style.

Zuhayr looking very happy that his project went halfway succesfully.

Once dry, painting time. 
Zuhayr did most of the painting, We are forced to let Madiha hold the paintbrush and help with some painting or she wont stop nagging.

Fine detailing once paint dried.

Done , yeay!!!!

Wow , not bad at all.

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  1. Aaaa..nice one Zuhayr! good job boy!
    ps : Finally...setelah lama menunggu latest entry from your blog. Hehe..