Friday, October 17, 2014

Diha exploring elasticity

Growing up in Malaysian education system, we learn everything on papers, even elasticity is describe on papers and you have to know, memorize  the definition of things and then answer them in exam on paper. Being older and wiser now I realize these are some of the contributing factor of box mind in Malaysian students. We have to realize that human learn through senses and it is because of all these senses that made human special. 

When Allah wants to create prophet Adam PBUH as the' Khalifah ' on Earth, the angels ask why would you want to create creatures that will make destruction while we will always obeys you. Which Allah says I know what you do not know. Once Adam is created Allah taughts him names of things which when he asked the angels ( about the name)they aswered only Allah knows and Allah ask Adam to tell them(angels) which he(prophet Adam) did. 

Amongst scholar they describe these events describe above as the ability of human senses which are not possesed by the angels, the angels are made from lights. They obeys Allah command and they are not created with senses, they do not eat therefor do not know the taste of food, while prophet Adam could, they dont have the sense of smell, touch etc etc to allow them to learn about things in this world like we learn. Therefor the experience of senses is important in learning, we should always incorporate it , most importantly we should understand the aim of learning is to LIVE not to excel in exams.
Ok !!!!! Dah habis merepek.

Today , using whatever I have at home and in the kitchen, I created a simple game for diha to explore elasticity. There are no needs of words , just play and explore, u see a bit of organization in the play, bits of planning. Simple...extremely simple.

Thins i need, elastic band/hair band, bottle organizer/or anything similar.

Hand and fingers coordination to handle the elastic band.

Focus and concerntration.

This is how I will set her do while I go around doing errands letting her deep in her thoughts and activity.

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