Friday, June 27, 2014

Treasure chest

Harith has been admiring treasure chest for quite awhile and now at the moment his ambition is to be a miner who looks for treasures,( mmmm ???? Is that correct). Well anyway he google the treasure chest picture and would like to make them.

Something like these.

So we start with abah's coffe box and I cut them into half and reshape it into a treasure chest shape. Then like the art attack style we cover it with paper and glue.

Zuhayr loves to help.

To make the pasting easy, we do it in stages covering the top and stop and wait for them to dry and then covers the bottom part pulak.

Harith chooses brown like wood color for the chest.

Zuhayr took his turn painting.

After treasure chest is done and the paint dried up, the boys went around the house looking for stuff to fill in his treasure chest. He found coins in gold colors, gold coin chocolate, abah's baju melayu button that has a diamond like stones, plastic pearl like beads. 

Well it needs a bit of work on chest deco to look more rustic. 

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