Monday, August 13, 2012

Block houses

Harith's can't see an empty box ( pantang tengok) sure he'll start to have ideas what to do with them. This time, we bought a new DVD player and the DVD box is his next target. He wanted to make houses with them, he in fact start counting how many houses he can get from the big box. Not just that he wanna make market place and blocks shop. Of course ummi have to help him and since i dont quite knew what is it he have in mind i ask him to draw them out. So today we set out to make this latest project. Later the houses are arrange at his city project ( i do not have the pic of the city project, coz i lost my phone before i could upload the pic.... Sigh) . While ummi do most of the drawing and cutting Harith did most of the colouring and planning. Hmm not bad kan :D.

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