Saturday, June 16, 2012

Molten lava chocholate cake.

I would like to share another yummy chocholate cake that I have succesfully made. Its not that I would like to turn this blog to be a desert recipe book :). I just would like to share a succesfull recipe that i have succesfully tried and turn out well. Once I discovered a particular desert that I like, I would google the recipe and there will be many different recipe of a particular desert, some are better than the other.I wouldn't know for sure untill I actually tried them. Reading through the recipe, been baking a lot I can fairly decide which recipe would be succesfull and which would be a failure. Once I choose the recipe, i'll try them out, taste them and make some necessary alteration. And this is the perfected recipe.
* this molten lava cake, is so easy and yet so elegant. The short baking time make it an easy desert to serve if you are hosting a small group of sitting guest.

120 g dark chocholate
100 g butter
2 eggs
50 g caster sugar
10 g self raising flour
10 g coco powder
1 tsp Vanilla essence.

1)Melt chocholate and butter
2) beat eggs, vanilla and sugar
3) pour melted chocholate into eggs mixture( make sure you temper the eggs first or make sure chocholate has been cool a bit), fold in the ingredients.
4) fold in the flour and cocoa powder.
5) bake in individual remekins.( make sure you grease the remekins well with butter and flour.180c for 10 minute( adjust time lenght according to the size of remekins)

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